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Aug 25, 2017

Floods and Landslides Devastate Nepal | JW.ORG News

AUGUST 25, 2017NEPAL Floods and Landslides Devastate NepalFloods and Landslides Devastate Nepal Heavy monsoon rains led to floods and landslides in Nepal, displacing thousands of people and killing more than 140. The flooding damaged highways and power lines, hampering relief efforts. The branch off...

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Aug 24, 2017

Earthquake Hits Italian Island | JW.ORG News

AUGUST 24, 2017ITALY Earthquake Hits Italian IslandEarthquake Hits Italian Island On August 22, a magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck the island of Ischia off the coast of Naples, Italy, destroying numerous buildings and displacing some 2,600 people. Over 40 people were injured and 2 were killed. No fat...

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Aug 23, 2017

Fire Razes Homes in Philippines | JW.ORG News

AUGUST 23, 2017PHILIPPINES Fire Razes Homes in PhilippinesFire Razes Homes in Philippines A deadly fire broke out on the morning of August 5, 2017, in the Agdao section of Davao City, located on the coast of Mindanao Island in the southern Philippines. News reports indicate that one person was kille...

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Aug 22, 2017

Deadly Landslides in Sierra Leone | JW.ORG News

AUGUST 22, 2017SIERRA LEONE Deadly Landslides in Sierra Leone PLAY Download Deadly Landslides in Sierra Leone Audio recordings download options MP3 On the morning of August 14, 2017, flooding and landslides have severely damaged shops, roads, and homes throughout Freetown, Sierra Leone's capital cit...

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Aug 4, 2017

Heavy Rainfall in Nigeria | JW.ORG News

AUGUST 4, 2017NIGERIA Heavy Rainfall in NigeriaHeavy Rainfall in Nigeria Extreme rains in southwest Nigeria from July 6 through July 12, 2017, caused flooding in the states of Lagos, Niger, and Oyo. News reports indicate that at least 18 people have died as a result. The branch office of Jehovah's W...

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Aug 3, 2017

Flooding in India | JW.ORG News

AUGUST 3, 2017INDIA Flooding in IndiaFlooding in India An especially severe monsoon season has resulted in deadly lightning storms and what experts consider the heaviest rainfall in some parts of India in over a century. Several states have sustained damage from flooding and landslides; as many as 7...

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Aug 2, 2017